Postnatal Restore Class

Postnatal and Beyond provides a specialised Postnatal Training Program that is available as a one on one class or in a small group class. The one on one session is conducted in the comfort of your home while the small group class (3 to 8 women) is conveniently located indoors in Canberra.

As part of my training and education, I have adopted a holistic approach toward postnatal recovery. After the stresses of pregnancy and childbirth, your body is in recovery and it is essential to focus on healing your body from the inside out; not getting you back into your skinny jeans as soon as possible. I work with you to reintroduce your pelvic floor and abdominal’s to the rest of your body while performing functional movements that truly replicate the movements of motherhood. The Postnatal restore class offers support to new mothers by helping them to better understand the factors impacting on their mental health, physical well-being and postnatal recovery.

Postnatal Training sessions include:

• Dynamic warm up with release work on typical pain hot spots that postnatal women experience
• 30 minute HIIT circuit class that integrates functional movement to replicate the movements of motherhood and activate the deep core muscles
• Progressive class adaptable to the client’s core strength and ability
• Re-release to conclude the functional movement component of the class
• Brief and refreshing meditation

I conclude each Postnatal Restore class by discussing key topics that provides information and strategies to assist in making simple and effective changes to support well-being and recovery. The key topics include:

• Hydration and integrative nutrition for healing and vitality
• Understanding your body’s hormones
• Anatomy of the pelvic floor
• Self care strategies
• Making appropriate lifestyle choices
• Getting back to being you!

Participation in the Postnatal Restore class also provides you with access to my Private Support Group Facebook page, a positive and supportive space where you can find support and further understanding of postnatal recovery. It is also a space where you can share your thoughts and feelings with other mothers from the Postnatal Training Program.
Prior to commencing the Postnatal Training Program, you need to consult your doctor to provide you with a clearance to begin your postnatal recovery. This is generally 6 weeks for a vaginal delivery and 12 weeks for a cesarean delivery (dependant on your healing and any other complications).


Before commencing the Postnatal Core Restore Program and my Mums and Bubs Sessions it is essential that you undergo an initial consultation. This allows me to customize a program that truly suits each individual. The consultation is conducted in the comfort of your home and takes approximately 60 minutes. This provides me with essential information relating to your pregnancy, labour and postpartum recovery. The consultation includes:

• Observing and correcting your breathing for an optimal breathing pattern
• Assessing your movement and posture
• Reconnect your intrinsic core synergy (deep core muscles)
• Checking for diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
• I will teach you how to activate your deep core muscles and with daily movement (valuable education that you will use for life!)
• Assign you with release solutions as homework in between our sessions.
• Resistance band
• Healing nutrition protocols

If you would like to participate in the Postnatal Restore class please fill in this questionnaire for you initial consultation so I can understand fully all of your needs and requirements.
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Initial consultation $110
The initial consultation includes a Thera Band for you to use at home

One on one – 6 week block $540 ($110 per class)
Group Class a minimum of 3 people – 6 week block $240 ($40 per class)