Group Progression Class

This class is designed for women wanting to advance their level of fitness. The Group Progression Class is challenging, rewarding and fun and involves running, jumping and lifting weights in a heavy and dynamic fashion to get your heart rate up, burn fat and to keep you focused. Exercises within the class can be modified to meet your level of fitness.

The Group Progression class includes:

• TABATA and HIIT sessions
• Strength and Cardio Circuits
• Activation of deep core muscles and pelvic floor with all movements.

Unless you have completed the Postnatal training program, you will be required to complete a pre screen in conjunction with a 30 minute deep core assessment before commencing the Group Progression Class. This allows me the opportunity to reconnect you to your deep core muscles, check for an diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and gather other important information that is relevant to you specifically. These assessments will indicate if your core is able to withstand the pressure from the advanced activities offered in the Group Progression Class and exercises that need to be modified to suit.

If you would like to participate in Group Progression class please fill in this questionnaire for your initial consultation so I can understand fully all of your needs and requirements. Click Here

Group progression $50 for a 30 minute initial consult to check tummy and connect you to your deep core muscles.

Once you have completed your initial consultation I offer you your first class for free

One session per week $18
two session per week $33